Zip Line Canopy Tour & Banana Plantation

If you want an adrenaline rush then this is the tour for you! Glide through the treetops with this exhilarating adventure: 11 cables and 12 platforms stretched across the length of the rain forest. The longest cable is 270m long and you will experience heights up to 80m.

Location: Limón, Costa Rica
Approx Duration: 5 hours
Price: $90 Adults (USD) /$90 Children
Activity Type: Adventure Tour
Activity Level: Easy
Restrictions: Minimum age: 6 years old

Here you can enjoy the gripping thrill of the wind in your face as you soar through the rain forest witnessing some of the most spectacular views.

The platforms are arranged at different heights and levels of excitement. Up to platform 5, all cables are of similar length, however after this platform, the cables become even more thrilling. Here those people who would like to give up and return to the lodge may do so. This opportunity is also offered at platform 7. For those of you who enjoy the thrill, its go, go, go, all the way to platform 12.

All our tour guides are expertly trained in first aid, and carry special packs to assist them in the event of an emergency to administer the required attention. The Zip line tour begins with an orientation chat where the rules and regulations for safety and security are explained thoroughly. The orientation chat is very important and it is imperative that all advice is adhered to throughout the tour.

Bring your friends and family along to enjoy the experience with you, remember it is always better to live the experience than to hear a friend recount the excitement.

After this adventure, you will visit a banana plantation and packing house, where many interesting facts about this amazing fruit will be explained: The Crop, harvesting, processing, packing and exportation. Costa Rica is the second largest banana producer in the world and 80% of the plantations are located in Limon province, becoming one of the most important economical activities in the region. During weekdays, you will be able to see the workers doing their job in the fields and the packing house. A very interesting cultural experience that you can’t miss.

WHAT’S TO BRING: Jeans, T-shirt, Tennis shoes, sun tan lotion, hat, camera, money for extra drinks and snacks.

IMPORTANT: The minimum age for participation on this tour is 6 years old. There is not weight limit for this tour, but maximum waist size is 51’. This is our max harness size.