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Limón: The Real Coffee Tour

The tour begins at port where you hop on an air-conditioned motor coach for a 90 minutes drive along scenic roads, passing quaint villages on your way to Turrialba Town, where Costa Rica’s topography is one of the world’s most diverse. Rolling hills, high mountains, plains, valleys, and riverbeds are just part of the gorgeous landscape that make you think of one word: paradise.

Approx Duration: 6 hours
Current Price: $95.00 Adult (USD) / $80 Children
Activity Type: Coffee Tour & agriculture
Activity Level: Easy

The Real Coffee Tour represents our most remarkable and pure coffee tradition and history. The farm is located at the West Valley, surrounded by 800 acres of a prime coffee plantation, where the secrets of a real cup of coffee are carefully held. On this tour, you will be visiting a real coffee farm and learn with a coffee expert, the most important aspects of the plantation, harvesting, processing and exportation. For this, the local expert will take you into different stations for explain; step by step; all you must know about this loved product worldwide:

Station 1 “Seedlings”

In our nursery, the group can see the different stages during the first year of the coffee plant. After this, the group is taken inside the plantation.

Station 2 “Get on the Wagon”

The oxcart is a very important icon in our coffee history; in the third station you will be able to discover not only why it was so important to us but also why we paint it now with so many colors. Besides, you will hear the story of our national saying “Get on the Wagon”

Station 3 “Coffee Wet Mill”

In this stop, the group can see and learn how coffee beans are processed. In this area, you can see how coffee is peeled, selected, dried and stored. Besides, they will see the patios where the coffee is sun dried. 

Station 4 “Roasting Room”

In this station, is where coffee flavor and aroma arises. In this huge room, you can observe the big machinery we have for roasting our coffee.

Station 5 “La Casita de Juancho”

The next stop in the tour is a visit to an old house. We built this little house so you can see how our ancestors used to live. This is the perfect spot for our guide to explain you how we used to brew coffee, and why, even though it has been over 200 years we still use a “chorreador” instead a coffee maker.

Station 6 “Souvenir Store”

At the end of the tour, once you have learned and have unwrapped all the secrets within a cup of coffee, it is time to get a souvenir and all the coffee you want. And you can taste our different coffee produced in this plantation.

After this lovely experience you will return to the ship, not before to take a short bus City Tour around Puerto Limon City.